Constantly travelling can be extremely draining, it takes a certain lifestyle to keep up with everything while moving across the globe; below are some of my thoughts on what is required to maintain proper health while switching time zones so frequently.


Working out can be a challenge on its own sometimes when you add a 12-hour flight to the agenda, it makes it that much harder to get motivated. Below are some of my personal tips for staying in shape while travelling.

  • Always. Keep. Moving – even if it’s just to the ice machine, always keep your body moving, it helps restore blood flow and fight off jetlag. Personally, I prefer to get active outside, rather than confining myself to the hotel, as fresh air helps clear my head and remove that groggy feeling on recycled air and not being able to stretch my legs as much as I would like.


  • Go for a run – running is a beautiful thing, many people get discouraged and end up talking themselves out of going for a run, because they believe it is challenging; and while running can be hard sometimes, it creates a natural high, thus boosting mood and helping provide a positive outlook on the future. I highly suggest if you are feeling the jitters after sitting still for hours on end, that you just go run around the block, you’ll feel great!


  • Meditate, practice mindfulness – I’m not going to lie, when someone first told me that they practiced mindfulness for the first time, I was in disbelief, not because I look down upon it, but because I didn’t have a clue on what it was and how to do it. For those new to mindfulness, it’s a stillness technique used to relax and silence the mind – I put this under the “fitness” section because mental health is neglected a majority of the time when traveling, and taking fifteen minutes to calm the mind after a major environmental change is helpful.



  • Your diet is very important when you are moving around so often. Your body is not built to digest foods at 40,000 feet, it’s also not designed to switch time zones frequently as well. When in doubt about what to eat, always go for the healthy foods (fruits, veggies, etc…) – these foods improve your digestive system, as well as act as an “anti-puke” substance.


  • Drinking can be dangerous – This sounds like it should go without saying, but one would be surprised at how many people think it’s a good idea to consume five beers before boarding a trans-Atlantic flight. Alcohol is good in moderation (as with nearly everything else), but when in doubt about what to drink before a flight, I suggest you stick towards water or yogurt. Water and Yogurt help digest food and purify the body of toxins – also by not drinking at the airport, you can drink a beer on the flight and feel guilt free, just do it in moderation!




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