Singapore Airlines new First Class seating.

Singapore Airlines has been known for their excellent: service, product quality, and safety. The airline has recently updated their first class suites to something abundantly luxurious. Take a look.  (all photos from Singapore Airlines)



I was very much inspired to write this article from the FORBES piece they did on it; I wanted to dig deeper into answering the question “is it worth it?”

From the looks of the pictures, the simple answer is “YES”. If we look closer and do the math, we can have a more definitive answer.

I went on (my go to for finding good deals), and am here to report some trip details


I was heading from SIN to LHR on their first class product in this example, and the trip costs me $11,633.00 USD roundtrip. This is quite expensive, as I’m sure you know already.

Competing airlines posted their bids for the same route on the same dates around $4,000 -$7,500 (Saudia, China Southern, Air France etc…)

All of the competing airlines have decent first class, with Air France and British Airways being your best options out of the competing airlines.

I have not yet flown on Singapore’s new first class product, but if I ever will, I will be using my airline points because I do not have an extra eleven thousand dollars to spend on a plane ticket.


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